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Measures the Most Important Aquarium Levels

Please use the drop-down menu to select your preferred test kit.

The following options are available from Aquacadabra:

  • Freshwater Master Test Kit
  • Saltwater Master Test Kit
  • Reef Master Test Kit
  • 5 in 1 Test Strips

Water conditions in an aquarium need to be the same or very similar to those found within the fishes natural environment in order for the fish to thrive and remain healthy. Here at aquacadabra we believe it is essential to test your aquarium water regularly and incorporate it into a part of a routine for your aquarium maintenance.

We at aquacadabra also advise that levels should be tested weekly to ensure they do not reach harmful levels.

Freshwater Master Test Kit:

Tests ph, high range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate levels quickly and accurately

Scientifically accurate for professional results

Includes: pH (6.0 - 7.6), High Range Ph (7.4-8.8), Ammonia (NH3/NH4), Nitrite (No2), Nitrate (No3), Test Bottles, Instructions, Glass Test Tubes & Colour Chart

Saltwater Master Test Kit:

Tests high range pH, Ammonia, Nitrite & Nitrate levels quickly and accurately.

Scientifically accurate for professional results.

Includes 6 tests bottles for: High Range pH (7.4 - 8.8), Ammonia (NH3/NH4), Nitrite (NO2), Nitrate (NO3), instructions, 4 Glass Test Tubes & Colour Charts.

Reef Master Test Kit:

Tests calcium, carbonate hardness, phosphate & nitrite levels quickly and accurately.

Calibrated specifically for reef aquariums

Includes: Calcium (ca2+), Carbonate Hardness (KH), Phosphate (Po4-3), Nitrate (No3-) Test Bottles, Instructions, 4 Glass Test Tubes & Colour Chart.

5 in 1 Test Strips:

Just dip & read

Measures pH, Nitrite, Nitrate Carbonate & General Hardness in an aquarium.

Includes: 25 test strips, easy to read instructions, information on how to correct unsafe water conditions.


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