API Stress Coat 30ML 118 ML 237 ML 473 ML 1.9L Fresh Water Conditioner

Product Brand: API
Product Weight: 1.9kg
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Available sizes:

118ML treats 893 litres

237ML treats 1,794 litres

473ML treats 3,581

1.9LTR treats 14,332 litres

For use in freshwater when starting a new aquarium, changing water, introducing new fish, treating sick fish, and when skin or fins are damaged.

Proven to reduce stress in fish by 40%.

Immediately removes chlorine and chloramine, thus making water healthy for fish

Promotes healing of wounds and regeneration of tissue (such as after illness, transport or fighting)

Reduces the loss of electrolytes

Neutralises heavy metals

Safe for fish and plants

Does not alter pH or affect biological filtration

Recommended for use with all API products


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