Blagdon Koi Anti Parasite Treatment 1000ml Interpet Pond Fish

Brand: Interpet
Weight: 1kg
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Blagdon Koi Anti Parasite Treatment 1000ml treats 2000 Gallons (9092 litres) Koi Anti Parasite uses a number of powerful active ingredients to create an effective and safe treatment that acts against:White Spot, Slime disease protozoan parasites (Costia sp.,Trichodina sp., Chilodonella sp.), Flukes (Dactylogyrus sp. and Gyrodactylus sp.) and also velvet parasites (Oodinium sp.).This is a five day course of treatment that builds an effective dose in the pond whilst minimizing stress on the fish.The five day course also ensures that effective levels of active ingredients are present over a period to catch parasites in the susceptible phase of their life cycle. This treatment is ideal for use in a Koi pond where Koi and goldfish are the sole inhabitants. **Do not use with Orfe, Rudd or Tench.


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