Blagdon Pond Anti Ulcer Treatment 1000ml Interpet Fish

Brand: Interpet
Product Code: 100190
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Blagdon Pond Anti Ulcer Treatment 1000ml treats 2000 Gallons (9092 litres)

Anti Ulcer is a unique patented formulation which treats fish that are suffering from systemic bacterial infections. Aeromonas, Pseudomonas and Vibrio bacteria can quickly overcome fish causing the classic symptoms of:

_ Ulcer sores on the body of the fish - this is the most common symptom.

_ Dropsy - where the fish's scales stick out like a pinecone - or the belly of the fish can become hollow as the fish becomes emaciated.

_ Pop eye - where fishes eyes swell and stick out.

_ Bacterial gill disease - which will cause the fish to breathe very rapidly.

_ In very acute cases the fish may die before showing any obvious external symptoms. Anti Ulcer is a 2 dose treatment.


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