Blagdon Pond Balance Four Different Sizes Blanket Weed Treatment Interpet

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Blagdon Interpet Pond Balance - Effective Blanketweed Treatment for Ponds Blanket weed algae is the pond keepers nightmare, its unsightly green fibrous strands can soon choke your pond and plants. Pond Balance will reduce blanket weed by safely altering the water chemistry of your pond achieving a balance which effectively clears blanket weed whilst promoting plant growth. It should be used once every 10 days initially for 3 treatments and there after once a month. Kills blanket weed without the effort involved in the manual removal or the inherent risk of killing your valuable plants and fish which can be associated with other pond algicides. Features • Clears blanketweed• Pet life and wildlife friendly • Harmless to filters and plants • Suitable for use in all ponds (planted, wildlife and koi) Application • Add one measure for every 360 litres (80 gallons) of pond water using the spoon provided, into a bucket of warm water, stir until dissolved • Ideally pour the treatment close to fountain or waterfall to aid distribution (or use a watering can and distribute evenly) • It should be used once every 10 days for one month (i.e 1,500 gallon pack is sufficent for a 3-course treatment on a 500 gallon pond)

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