Cloverleaf Discus Fish Wormer 5g Parasite Treatment All Freshwater Fish

Brand: Kusuri
Product Code: 100568
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Many fish come from massive river systems where water changes all the time. This is the difference to keeping them trapped in a 'glass box' & with nowhere to escape, unwanted pest can build up & possibly be a problem to fish. Using wormer plus on a regular basis will help keep these pest down. If any fish is in good health, not picked on and kept in the correct conditions worms should not a problem. But as soon as the fish is stressed or bullied, its natural immunity is compromised and worms or other pest can take a hold. A sure sign of a worm problem is when the fish still eats, yet is wafer thin with the famous pinched in look above the eyes. Wormer plus will rid discus & aquarium fish of internal helminths, plus a host of other pest. Although a second dose after four days will be needed in heavy infestations of flukes. So if your discus looks black, emaciated or just worn out use wormer plus on a regular basis and do them a favour. It is not necessary to turn off U/V sterilisation during its application, but it is advisable to remove carbon whilst using this medication for full effect.
  • Wormer plus can be mixed with other aquarium medications.
  • 100% safe & will not harm the biological filtration.
  • Can be used with puffer fish, and free-swimming fry from one week old.
  • 100% safe to use in aquariums with plants.
  • An easy to use 30-gallon (114 litres) measuring scoop is supplied in every pack, making it easy to measure out and to administer the treatment.
  • Full instructions are on the back of every pack.
  • Using wormer plus once a month will help to keep your valued discus & fish in tip top health.

Flubendazole is the effective main active ingredient, & works differently to other fluke treatments by gently starving the parasite. Making this product perfectly safe for regular usage. Naturally sourced calcium carbonate is blended in & acts as a gentle booster and 'pick me up' after the pests are killed. A minuscule amount of Natural Calcium carbonate (0.01g) is blended with the Flubenzonal to adjust a very slight drop in PH from adding the Flubenzonal. This cleverly balances out this medication making very little (if any) difference to PH when using wormer plus.

  • Marketed with the small animal exemption scheme.
  • It is 100% legal; VMD approved, also passed with risk phrases and safety phrases and complies with COSHH.
  • It is recommended to worm your fish once a month for trouble free discus keeping.
  • To use, simply mix in a food grade container half filled with aquarium water; secure tight fitting lid and shake to mix the medication. Add to aquarium over a one-minute period.
  • Wormer plus will not raise your PH.
  • Complies with the good manufacturing practice (GMP).

Discus had a bad name as a difficult fish to keep, some said imposable. NOT SO, just misunderstood. As long as they have the right conditions & free of parasites they are just as easy to keep as any other tropical fish. Discus keeping in the old days was regarded as a fish shrouded in mystery, and difficult to keep. Just to be kept by the experts and the highly experienced. It is recommended to worm your discus once a month for trouble free discus keeping and this will give them a flying start if introducing new stock. Now keeping your favourite tropical fish has never been easier.

WARNING: This medication may kill some types of snails.


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