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Product Brand: Fish Science
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FishScience Tablet Food

Available Sizes: 50g, 150g

A high quality, nutritionally complete diet in tablet form, which is an ideal everyday food for all bottom feeding tropical fish.

The ideal food for bottom feeding fish such as catfish, loaches, plecostomus and barbs

Specially formulated to promote health, easy digestion and long life

Contains natural ingredients which support your fishes immune system and promote their health, including Beta Glucans , garlic and Omega 3 oils

Easily digested and less waste to promote clear water

Retains its shape, so does not cloud the water


Feed the tablets 1 - 2 times each day. Your fish should remain interested in the food at all times and eat it all within 10 minutes. If they don't, reduce the number of tablets you feed in future meals. Take care not to overfeed as uneaten food will decompose and pollute the water.

Top Tip

Some bottom feeding loaches and catfish are nocturnal. Feeding FishScience Tablet Food in the evening just before you switch out the lights ensures they get sufficient food. Gradually feed the tablets earlier to encourage these fish to feed when the lights are on and you can watch them.


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