NT Marine Reef Fish Water Treatment Bacteria Parasite Parazoryne SuperCarb

Brand: NT Labs
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Marine: Anti-Bacterial Treatment

  • Reef Safe

To treat bacterial infections in marine aquariums such as fin, tail, mouthrot, ulcers etc. Useful for treating marine white spot in the presence ofinvertebrates. NT Labs Marine Anti-Bacterial treatment can be used to treatOodinium in an invertebrate reef tank and is safe to use where soft coralsare present.

Marine: Anti-Parasite Treatment

NT Labs Marine Anti Parasite is a safe copper based treatment for thecontrol and elimination of parasites such as Oodinium (Coral Disease) andCryptocaryon (Marine White Spot) in marine aquariums. It is not suitable foruse with invertebrates.or REEF Tanks.

Ideal for use in a hospital aquarium.

Dosage calculator not useable daily dosevaries 1ml / 40 litres day 1 , 1ml / 20 litres day 2 , 1ml / 40 litres day 3 ,1 ml / 20 litres day 4 ... see instructions on bottle

as a guide the 100ml Bottle is sufficient totreat a 400 litre aquarium for the duration of 12 days of treatment

Can be used with Copper Test Kit for further accurate control of copperlevel which is often adsorbed into media / rocks etc hence why we recommend avaried and continued application over time

switch off protein skimmer when in use (remember to add more airation )

remove adsorbent filter material such as carbon which would remove activeingredients of medicine

Marine: Buffer Powder Additive

NT Labs Marine KH Buffer Powder for marine aquariums, raises the pH to 8.3and is a more stable buffer than other brands on the market. NT Labs MarineBuffer Powder increases the carbonate hardness helping to stabilise the pH andpreventing a pH crash. Dose Rate 10ml powder per 100 litres of aquarium water =3 dH increase in alkalinity. Discover other products in the range!

Marine: Filter Media Bags

  • 15cm by 38cm Fine mesh
  • Re-usable polyester filter bags
  • Quantity x 3

NT Labs Marine Filter Media Bags. 3 x Fine mesh re-usable polyester filterbags. Ideal for housing a variety of filter media such as, NT Labs Marine Supercarbor Phosphate Remover directly into a high flow area within a filtrationsystem.

100% white polyamide - rot proof - fine mesh - holds resins - micro beads-media - yet retains excellent permeability and allows flow through

Each bag can expand to hold capacity of up to 8 litres in filter

Marine: Invertebrate Food

  • Reef Safe

Use for the maintenance of filter feeding invertebrates, tube worms, clams,flame scallops and Cerianthus anemones in marine aquariums. NT Labs MarineInvertebrate food provides a balanced diet which can be supplemented twicemonthly in a marine tank, with newly hatched brine shrimp nauplii or NT LabsArtemia Revolution decapsulated cysts, straight from the bottle.

Marine: Live Filter Bacteria Additive

  • Reef Safe

NT Labs Marine Live Filter Bacteria is a concentrated blend of nitrifyingbacteria formulated to start a biological filter instantly, in marineaquariums. Use to prevent the common cause of "new tank syndrome" fishdeaths. Contains a blend of bacteria specifically adapted to the marineenvironment allowing them to begin the process of nitrification as soon as theyare added to the aquarium.

Marine: Parazoryne

  • Reef Safe

NT Labs Marine Parazoryne is a herbal support for recovery from parasiticinfections, such as white spot in marine fish. Safe for use with all kind ofmarine life. Can support the regeneration of damaged skin tissue and helpsmarine fish to regain their original beauty. Should be used daily untilrecovery is complete and marine fish are back to full strength.

To treat marine white spot apply a single dose of MarineAnti-Bacterial followed the next day by a full 10 day course of Parazoryne.

Available in 100ml

Marine: Phosphate Remover Media

NT Labs Marine Phosphate Remover permanently removes phosphate to helpprevent unwanted algae growth in marine aquariums. Best used in conjunctionwith NT Labs Marine Filter Media Bags, to be positioned in a high flowarea within a filtration system.

Marine: Supercarb Media

NT Labs Marine Supercarb is super active filter medium, itremoves organic molecules, colour taint and significantly enhances waterclarity in marine aquariums. Use to remove residues of treatments fromwater. NT Labs Marine Supercarb is of the highest grade carbon for ultimatepurity, it does not leach any phosphates or heavy metals andis suitable for the most sensitive reef aquariums. Place NT LabsSupercarb directly into a high flow area within your filtration system foroptimum results. 250g treats 800 litres of aquarium water.

see independant review of this product @

Marine: Trace Element Replacer Additive

  • Reef Safe

NT Labs Marine Trace Element Replacer replaces 25 essentialtrace elements in marine aquariums: Sb, As, Be, Bi, Cd, Cs, Cr, Co, Cu, Ge, Au,Fe, Pb, Li, Hg, Mo, Ni, Nb, Ag, Sr, Sn, Ti, W, V, Zn. This product helps toencourage macro-algae (seaweeds) and also contains magnesium, calcium andpotassium. For heavily populated marine aquaria, especially those with livingrocks, should be given up to 2-3 times the indicated dose.


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