Tetra Pond Crystalwater 250ml crystal clear pond water

Brand: Tetra
Product Code: 100299
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Tetra Pond CrystalWater

Tetra Pond CrystalWater - safely and quickly removes floating particles that can cloud pond water
  • Effectively removes dirt particles to improve visibility into the pond
  • Works in a matter of hours
  • Not suitable for sturgeons
  • Binds cloudiness caused by clay particles or soil, as well as cloudiness caused by organic particles, such as fish waste, uneaten food or dead plant material
  • Harmless to pond environments: the active ingredients in Tetra Pond CrystalWater coagulate floating particles that cloud the pond water. This makes it easier to filter out these particles or to remove them by hand
  • Important: Prior to each application, ensure that the carbonate hardness (KH) of the water is higher than 3°dH (for instance using the Tetra Pond Test 6in1). If the level is too low, it is advisable to increase the water's carbonate hardness in a controlled manner by using a product such as Tetra Pond pH/KH Plus.
    Dosing instructions: Use the measuring cup to add 50 ml of Tetra Pond CrystalWater for every 1,000 litres of pond water. For best results, ensure that the product is mixed thoroughly into the pond water. Keep out of the reach of children!


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